To choose the best melamine tableware for your boat, garden or caravan, consider the following tips and don’t go just on design, which should be the last factor if you want to get the best option for you.

1 - Melamine

What is melamine? Melamine is a plastic resin that can be used to make tableware, as it is hard and resistant to heat and cold, tolerating temperatures from -30 °C to 70 °C. 

Safe melamine: Melamine plates are non-toxic, so they are completely safe.

Advantages of melamine: Melamine tableware is light and versatile, so melamine dishes make life easier on board, outside or when caravaning.

Plus, melamine plates are practically indestructible, as it is one of the most drop-, shock- and acid-proof materials around.  

Durability: Melamine tableware, if cared for properly, can last for years because, unlike porcelain, it doesn’t chip.

It should be replaced, however, once it starts to crack, as that means its lifespan has come to an end.

Microwave and dishwasher: These plates are totally fine to put in the dishwasher but melamine should never be used in the oven or microwave.

2 - Which melamine tableware should I choose?

Whether you’re looking for garden or sailing dishes, there are several factors to consider in choosing a model:

How heavy?

Marine Business tableware models don’t all have the same weight. Some want light melamine tableware for sailing or regattas, others prefer heavier dishes that look more like porcelain.

Heavier dishes, however, are more expensive because they contain more melamine.

Pay attention to the data provided for each item and you’re sure to choose correctly. 

What size do you want?

Cupboards on ships or in caravans are often very small and it’s important to make sure the melamine plates and cups you choose will fit in them.

You have all the measurements, diameters and weights for each piece in the “Additional Information” section for each item on the website. 

How much space do I have?

Calculate how much space the items will take up in your cupboards: If you don’t have much room, and do more snacking than large meals on board, we recommend choosing the dessert plates and pairing them with accessories like the snack sets or salad bowls, which are all smaller in size and will suit your purpose perfectly.

Another thing to take into account is that dinnerware sets with square melamine dishes take up the same or even less room that it seems, as they are specially designed to be stacked, taking up the same space on your ship or in your caravan.

Don’t worry about the coffee cups and mugs: they’re stackable!

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Non-slip melamine plates? Remember, Marine Business offers several collections with a non-slip ring on the base of the melamine plates and mugs.

These rings help the melamine dishes grip onto the surface so they won’t slide around while you’re sailing.

If you need non-slip tableware, look for this icon in the product info.

All the coffee cups and mugs are non-slip!

Sets or 6-piece packs?

Remember, all the collections can be purchased in packs. Each pack comes with a carry bag, plates, bowls, dessert plates and mugs. There are packs for 6 or 4 diners.

Or you can buy the pieces separately, whatever works best for you.

Check the prices and you’ll see what you prefer. If you opt for buying pieces individually, you can buy the carry bag separately.


3 - Which design should I get?

First of all, think about how you are going to use the tableware and the colours on your boat, in your garden, your decorations, etc.


If you can’t image a nautical theme without blue and white, you’ll want the Northwind or Sailor Soul dishes. You can never go wrong with blue and white if you want sailing-inspired decoration or a nautical touch at home. And if you like bright colours, Regata is for you.

If your taste is more traditional and you’re looking for something a bit more elegant, Pacific, in navy blue and beige, is an elegant, serious, quality choice.

If you’re a bit tired of navy blue and want something more modern, go for the Coastal collection and you won’t regret it: turquoise with an edge-to-edge design!

And if that’s too much but you still want to get away from the ordinary, we have melamine dishes in the Mare collection in coral and turquoise. Clearly a tableware set unlike any other!


And finally, if you want a unique but unadorned dish set, Harmony is the collection for you.

Melamine tableware, subtly designed to look like porcelain. Pair with Summer accessories for the complete look.