In Marine Business we offer high quality materials, always searching for the best results and betting for design and innovation. 

We are 100% melamine tableware and synthetic glassware manufacturers. We also design and create linen lines with exclusive designs, teak furniture and accessories adapted to the conditions and requirements of the nautical and outdoors lifestyle.


Melamine is a high-quality material practically unbreakable, drop and acid proof which resists temperatures from -30 ºC to 70 ºC. It’s a very light and versatile material and for this reason, melamine tableware makes our life on board and outdoors easier.

Our tableware is made from pure melamine

About that, we have to take into account that it’s not the same thing a 100% melamine than a mixture of melamine with other materials. In this case, the quality is not as good.

Marine Business tableware is made with 100% melamine.

melamina 100%
melamina 100%

Marine Business tableware is made with 100% melamine.

Not all the melamine on the market is that pure and for this reason, our tableware complies with the European legislation rules, the strictest in health checks, being our dishes 100% non-toxic and free of Bisphenol A.

 Between our collections you will find dishes with more or less density, but always with a much lighter weight than ceramics, which contributes to a higher comfortability when having to transport it.

Kids can help with the house chores without the fear of breaking it or hurting themselves. 

Apto para lavavajillas

Dishes and accessories are fall proof and they are also dishwasher safe.

Even the littlest ones will be able to help in the kitchen while being totally safe. 

Pure melamine Bisphenol A free tableware with a full guarantee for consumption.

Melamine plates are dishwasher safe and very useful for the daily life, both on board and at home. Even though, it always has to be taken into account that even its high resistance they are not indestructible and they will need to be replaced from time to time.


The process that they follow while manufacturing melamine tableware is totally different that the one, they follow while manufacturing stoneware, porcelain or ceramic tableware. For this reason, the flaws on the design are the result of a very complex and manual manufacturing process.

Another difference between ceramics or porcelain is that melamine doesn’t peel off. On the other hand, ceramic dishes, when bumping it, they can peel off. This part that peels off stores harmful bacteria, so they should always be kept out of our kitchens.

100% melamine dishwasher safe tableware.

Nearly all of the Marine Business melamine tableware collections offer a lot of its pieces with a non-slip rubber band on its base.

Sailing involves a movement that can become annoying when eating if our dishes won’t stop moving or even falling.

With this silicone ring, the tableware sticks to the table preventing dropping.

These are melamine tableware, but its appearance is like porcelain. You will have to touch it to check it out.

These are available in a variety of designs and colours, the melamine dishes and accessories that are part of the collection bring elegance, but also a feeling of security.

In the nautical as well as in gardens and outdoor areas, presence and elegance are necessary attributes when dressing the table. 

The tableware consistence, as well as its brightness and high quality finishings maintain a crockery appearance, far from being any plastic tableware. 

Melamine tableware with porcelain appearance. 


About the Marine Business synthetic glassware, we offer different kinds of materials and price range, depending on the use each client gives it. We also have some lines with a non-slip ring to provide a certain stability to the cups and glasses.

Our glassware offers anti-slip rings to ensure stability on board. 

The glasses that have the non-slip ring on its base are a great ally while navigating. It prevents fallings caused by the wind or sea waves, which will save you some complications.

The non-slip rubber bands are made of silicone and can be taken out to make the cleaning easier. The colour is usually white, so they are very discreet and also don’t jeopardize the synthetic glassware design. 

The synthetic glassware is made from Tritan™ and Ecozen, which are dishwasher safe. 

These materials are the most resistant and durable on the market, Bisphenol free and with a glow that makes it appear like glass. Also, they are microwave safe.

We are proud of having found out a new material to create our crystalware that increases durability and functionality. 

Here we leave you a brief summary about our innovative material: ECOZEN 

  • Dishwasher safe (we recommend placing it on the top rack of the dishwasher) and microwave safe. 
  • It is as strong as the Polycarbonate and stronger than Tritan™, although it feels less hard than the Polycarbonate.
  • It is totally resistant to citrus beverage stains, sunscreen stains and any other chemical substance. 
  • ECO friendly: it is recyclable!
  • BPA, phthalate and other heavy metals free.
  • It can be used with high alcoholic, hot and cold beverages.

On the following table you will be able to see the characteristics of each material contained on our glassware, as well as the melamine. 



Not all towels are the same. In addition to the design, the quality is definitely something to take into account.

Our towels are made of a 100% 500gr cotton. You will be able to appreciate this high-quality cotton simply touching it and in its resistance to washings, because even though the time will pass, they will always maintain this same fluffy and nice consistency. 


Non slip mats

The bathroom terry mats are made of 100% cotton and have a non-slip base. 

Also, the welcome mats, which are UV resistant and with a 3 year guarantee, have a non-slip rubber band.


Elastic bed sheets

For your boat and also for your home.

Conventional bed sheets also have elastic corners, so there are always wrinkles and they do not adapt at all in the end.

Our sheets are made from cotton and elastane, which gives them elasticity. They are also very soft and durable. 

Moreover, all the perimeter has a rubber band with decorations that offers a unique grip. The moment you try it, you will not be able to go back!


Waterproof cushions

Those who know the nautical world, also know the importance of a high-quality fabric, on deck above all.

The waterproof cushions are made from a bleach resistant material that, obviously, don’t let the water through. You can lay on deck with our waterproof cushions without worrying. This won’t fillings get wet and also, the feeling of the fabric won’t be affected. Our fabrics are softer than others with the same characteristics.

In addition, some of our designs have a string on one end so they can be tied up to stop them blowing away in a sudden sea swell.

Duvets, sheets and duvet covers

Design is one of the basic essentials of Marine Business, together with high quality. These are our brand standards. It is for this reason that we offer high quality bed linen, made of 200 100% cotton threads on all of our pieces. 

On our linen collections you will find bolder designs as well as simpler designs, so you will be able those which suit you the best.

On our linen collections, the bed sheets, duvets, and cushions are handmade and occasionally, they include delicate ornaments.


The tables and chairs collection are made from high quality legal teak, always following the rules for the environment preservation. 

It guarantees a high resistance to climate changes and thanks to its care, it is water repellent.

The finishings for the grade A teak are based on marine grade oiling order to protect the furniture from the UV. In addition, teak wood has the best finishings thanks to a handmade triple sanding. 


Stainless Steel cutlery

With or without handle, the stainless steel 18/10 cutlery doesn’t rust. In fact, it maintains the shine even if you put in on the dishwasher. 

The ABS handles don´t detach and the designs remain intact.

For those who prefer a handless cutlery, we have nautical model laser engraved that not only has an unbeatable quality, but also brings elegance and design to the table. 

Wind-proof ashtrays

Our clients’ favorite every year is this impeccable ashtray. 

With a beautiful design and very practical: bad smells don’t exist and the ash doesn’t fly away.

The weight is the perfect one, not to heavy, but not too light, and us sailing lovers know how important this is while on board: it doesn’t slip easily with the movement of the boat. 

Made from high quality leatherette fabric and stainless steel.

Bottle coolers and sabe space

Bottle cooler or champagne cooler? They are thermic and have a support to hang it on any table, as it adapts to all kinds of furniture.

In addition to its elegant design, they are made of stainless steel, which guarantees a high durability and resistance.