Lombok: The power of black!

For lovers of modern designs and square shapes, we have created the ideal collection of melamine plates for your home or boat. The Lombok line consists of four melamine pieces: the dinner plate, the soup (or salad) bowl, the dessert plate and the dessert plate. (or salad) bowl, the dessert plate and the cup. And all the pieces have a non-slip ring on the base!

This nautical tableware is made of 100% pure melamine, i.e. it passes all the EU quality controls EU quality controls and is dishwasher safe. We have also designed a practical picnic bag for the Lombok line. This bag is designed to carry melamine crockery, snacks, drinks, etc. The black accessories of the Summer line are perfect if you want to complete your table. There are sets that match perfectly.

And for unbreakable glassware we recommend any transparent glassware. The important thing is choose the unbreakable material you want for your boat. Not all unbreakable materials are all the same.

If you don’t have a dishwasher on your boat, you are going to wash your glasses by hand and you want to spend less, choose MS. Wash your glasses with a non-scratch sponge and always use a little soap and neutral. If you want to use the dishwasher or the microwave, choose Tritan or Ecozen: the newest and most resistant materials that can withstand anything! They are more expensive materials, but you will have perfect glasses for a long time.

Take a good look at the unbreakable glasses because there are many models: non-slip, stackable, water, wine, wine glasses, non-slip, stackable, water glasses, wine glasses, etc.