Waterproof bags!

Various sizes and styles, but always waterproof!

The THALASSA collection of waterproof dry bags features several models of barrel bags, rucksacks, sports bags, vanity cases and document sleeves. Our dry bags currently come in two lines: a more nautical one in blue, white and a splash of red; and a more modern line in black with neon yellow accents.

All the bags are waterproof and made of strong, water-resistant material (500D Tarpaulin PVC, 0.5 mm thick). They have bonded zips so they are completely waterproof, as are the seams, so no water can splash in while you’re sailing. They can withstand a short time underwater, but remember to protect electronics and documents, above all.

Put your mobile or tablet in one of our waterproof document sleeves or vanity cases for extra safety and then inside a bigger dry bag.

For barrel-style dry bags, to make sure no water gets in, remember to roll the top down at least three times. Leave some air in the bag so it will float if it falls overboard.

Bigger bags have a double handle and close system, and the straps are reinforced and padded for comfort.

Waterproof document sleeve or vanity case with bonded zip to keep water out. This small five-litre dry bag is designed for keys, mobiles, sunglasses or sun creams.  It also has a strap to carry it.

Plus, it’s perfect as an extra layer of protection for electronics.