Are melamine tableware dangerous?

You’re thinking of buying or giving melamine tableware as a gift, but you’re not sure because you’ve read that there are problems with this material. Don’t worry, below we explain everything you need to know about it.


What is melamine?

Melamine is a type of plastic material that is composed of resins. It is used, among other things, for the manufacture of tableware, as it is hard and resistant to heat and cold.

But is it safe for contact with food?

Absolutely! Melamine certified for the manufacture of tableware is safe and perfectly suitable for food use. Melamine that passes health checks is non-toxic and does not contaminate food. So your health and that of your loved ones is always protected.

What controls must melamine tableware pass?

All plastic materials and articles in contact with food must comply with the requirements set out in the European Union Regulation 2020/1245.

What are the advantages of this type of tableware?

Dishes made of this material have advantageous characteristics that make them a good choice for the home or for the catering trade.


Compared to other materials such as porcelain, melamine is quite light. For this reason, tableware made of this material is ideal, as it provides extra comfort both at home and in gardens, swimming pools, hotels, restaurants, etc.


This material is practically unbreakable, resistant to knocks, falls and acid, guaranteeing incomparable durability.


This type of product allows you to print the design you want and with the colours you want. Moreover, as it allows printing on it and has a high durability, it is perfect for the logo of the restaurants to remain practically intact.

The melamine of Marine Business

Our tableware are made of pure and certified melamine. As we have already explained, this type of material makes our dishes extremely resistant and durable, as they can withstand temperatures from -30 ºC to 70 ºC. We offer light and versatile tableware, which facilitates our life on board and outdoors or in the caravanning.
melamina 100%
It should be noted that 100% melamine is not the same as melamine mixed with other materials. We always want to offer the best quality and that is why we manufacture with pure melamine. Not only do we offer quality, but also safety, as our tableware complies with all the standards of the European health legislation (Regulation 2020/1245), being our tableware Bisphenol A free and without release of formaldehyde. Therefore, they are fully guaranteed for use.
certificado melamina segura