Windproof, waterproof and virtually unbreakable: accessories for terrace and garden.

Discover the sophistication and durability of our unbreakable melamine tableware, designed to add an impeccable touch to your outdoor dining. Immerse yourself in a world of style with our outdoor décor collection, from waterproof cushions to unbreakable glassware that blend elegance and durability, creating a space that reflects your unique personality. With windproof and waterproof accessories, forget the worries and enjoy every moment without restrictions.

Explore our best-selling accessories, such as high quality teak furniture that combines warmth and durability, and outdoor ashtrays that fuse functionality and design.

Marine Business invites you to elevate your outdoors, where elegance endures and endurance becomes an art. Find out how to make your outdoor space a true haven of style and durability by exploring our collection now!



Experience the perfect combination of elegance and durability with our melamine outdoor tableware. Designed to withstand the elements, each piece is not only visually aesthetically pleasing and stylish, but also impact resistant and easy to clean. From beautiful plates to versatile cup sets, our tableware will make your outdoor meals unforgettable. Our sets include products such as impact-resistant crockery and glassware, table accessories and cutlery, and much more. All our products are made from the highest quality materials and are designed to withstand any mishap, creating a safer environment.
accesorios para terraza y jardin
accesorios para terraza y jardín

Outdoor Decor: Details that Make the Difference

Make your outdoor space reflect your unique style with our exclusive line of outdoor décor. From decorative cushions to garden and terrace tables, every detail has been carefully selected to add charm and personality to your surroundings. Discover how small touches can make a big difference to the aesthetics of your terrace or garden. You’ll achieve a stylish look!


Make your outdoor space reflect your unique style with our exclusive line of terrace and garden accessories. Our special outdoor furniture is made from natural teak, a high quality wood that is water resistant and stylish. At Marine Business you will find tables, chairs and stools that will create an ideal atmosphere for your garden.
accesorios para terraza y jardín
accesorios para terraza y jardín
accesorios para terraza y jardín

Waterproof and windproof swimming pool accessories

Enhance the natural beauty of your garden or pool terrace with our exclusive waterproof, windproof and shockproof pool accessories. From windproof and waterproof ashtrays to unbreakable champagne and wine glasses. Each item has been selected to complement and enhance your outdoor space. Also, check out the new Aruba collection, consisting of multi-purpose baskets, windproof ashtrays, cushions and tablecloths, all in waterproof materials, easy to clean and perfect for your garden with a pool.

Make your Outdoor Space an Extraordinary Place!

At Marine Business, we are passionate about bringing elegance and functionality to your outdoor moments. Explore our collections and discover how our products can transform your terrace, garden or pool space into an extraordinary place.