Discover the new Marine Business 2024 catalogue

At Marine Business we welcome 2024 with a catalog full of new waterproof products, products resistant to stains and UV rays and anti-break items so that you can choose from a greater variety of accessories and equip your boat in your style. The quality and comfort of nautical products is not incompatible with design, and our 2024 catalog demonstrates this once again, adding new prints, colors and products with improved properties to our previous collections.

Versatile, safe and top quality tableware

Once again this year we have chosen high quality melamine as the only material for our cups, plates and glasses because of its anti-cracking properties and because it is completely dishwasher safe. There is currently no better material on the market for on-board tableware.
To increase the safety of the tableware we have incorporated anti-slip bases that adhere more easily to surfaces and ensure safe navigation.
And, of course, they all follow the strictest European laws and are BPA-free.
Above all, we encourage you to discover our new HAPPY range of cups with new colours and unique shapes.
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Anti-break and designer glasses and glassware

All the glasses and glassware that you will find in the new 2024 Marine Business catalog have the same properties as the tableware, but some of them are also made with materials such as Ecozen, which is state-of-the-art and guarantees superior durability of the products, and Tritan™, an advanced toxic-free plastic that is light, but at the same time resistant. Both materials are BPA free and can be washed in the dishwasher without any problem. In the BAHAMAS collection and in the MOON collection it is where you will find the most innovations, since we have incorporated new natural colors, sets of salad bowls and ice buckets. And we encourage you, above all, to discover our new HAPPY range of glasses with new colors and unique shapes.

Tablecloths and cushions designed to solve life at sea

All textile items in our 2024 catalog are hand-made and with the best quality, with its entire manufacturing process focused on its relationship with water and the sun. We have incorporated the new ARUBA collection: tablecloths and cushions made with PVC but with a cotton feel. Its texture is much softer than other brands we find on the market. This material is waterproof and stain resistant. It also allows the use of bleach and is resistant to UV rays, which guarantees greater durability at sea and comfortable cleaning. There are also new models of cushions with rope so you can tie them up and they won’t get lost due to wind or waves. You will find the new models in gray and black, the trending colors in boat interior design. These new designs are also made with stain and UV resistant textiles.  .

Dry bags and toilet bags with waterproof zippers

In the nautical accessories section from our new 2024 catalogue, the star product is the DRY BAGS, in different sizes and liters. The news collection of dry bags, count on watertight zippers that make them 100% waterproof products. Our dry bags are also stain-resistant products, being easy to clean, and each of them is very resistant to UV rays, thus extending their useful life. You can find them in two versions. One, more classic in navy blue, white and red and the other more modern, in black and fluorescent yellow. They are appropriate for any situation. In the small sizes, there is the toiletry bag and the document wallet. both very comfortable to go down to port or go to the captaincy with the ship’s documentation. In the higher sizes, you will also find the practical backpack.
Nuevo catálogo 2024

A more comfortable, safer and more homely boat with new non-slip mats

We also expanded our showcase of non-slip mats with new designs. The new models of this product in the 2024 catalog are half-moon-shaped mats for entering or exiting the boat. All of them can be washed in the washing machine, have a non-slip base and have a 3-year warranty

Windproof Stainless Steel Ashtrays

To our already great variety catalog of anti-seeing ashtrays with lid, we have incorporated new designs so you can choose from even more possibilities. You will find several models with a black lid, in line with current design and interior design trends. Both the new and old designs are waterproof, stainless steel products and each of them is UV resistant. They are also made by hand. This article will help you continue enjoying your moments at sea while you maintain cleanliness in both the exterior and interior areas of your boat.

Multipurpose baskets in the ARUBA collection

If you have tried one of our baskets, you may not be able to live without them. They’re our all-purpose product, as they can be used for a multitude of purposes in both the kitchen and the bathroom: storing creams, presenting fruit, storing bread… Even putting a plant in them.
As they are so well received, in the 2024 catalogue we have added new reversible designs to the ARUBA collection which, of course, are also stain-resistant and waterproof.
Nuevo catálogo 2024