Vinnerware made of non-slip materials

Sailing involves a back and forth that can be annoying to eat if our dishes do not stop moving or even fall. Also, using a tableware with small children in any exterior, can be delicate and dangerous since it can fall and break easily.
For these situations, almost all Marine Business dinnerware collections offer a non-slip ring-shaped rubber at the bottom. In this way, the dishes adhere more easily to the table preventing falls. These anti-slip rubbers are made of a removable silicone for easy cleaning. In addition, being white in color, they are very discreet and do not affect the design of synthetic glassware.
Marine Business products have always been designed to offer the highest quality and at the same time, practicality and comfort. That is why details such as non-slip rubber help to optimize the quality of the products.
Discover here all our non-slip tableware collections: