In the MARINE BUSINESS 2023 catalogue, we are launching the Venezia collection of nautical plates in melamine, a collection with a nautical design but with a touch of red that makes it a different kind of nautical tableware.

What is melamine?

All MARINE BUSINESS tableware, it is made of high-quality, virtually unbreakable melamine.

Melamine is an extremely hard and light material which makes it perfect for life on board or for use on terraces or in gardens, where broken glass is a serious hazard.

• The characteristics of melamine are many:

  • Extraordinary durability
  • Ultra shock-resistant material
  • Dishwasher-safe plates
  • Free of toxic substances such as Bishpenol A

In addition, our melamine tableware undergoes an exhaustive quality control and sanitary certifications to meet all EU legal health requirements and always obtains the EU quality certificate. This is because MARINE BUSINESS tableware is made from 100% pure melamine, not from mixtures like others on the market.

With non-slip base!

The melamine plates of the Venezia line have a non-slip base, which makes them very useful for sailing and also for stowing in nautical cabinets.

You will find the non-slip ring under the four main pieces: in the dinner plate, deep plate, dessert plate and in the small jug with handle, what we call mug.

You can buy Venezia nautical tableware in boxes of 6 or opt for the melamine PACK, for 4 or 6 people. The pack comes in a practical bag ideal for transporting the tableware or for storing anything.

Complete your tableware

To complete the basic tableware, we have also made in melamine: the large salad bowl with matching cutlery, ideal for snack chips on board, as a salad bowl or pasta bowl, the three-piece snack set, a must-have on board, individual bowls for fruit salad or snacks, oval bowls for serving your meals on board and a tray for easy transport of snacks and drinks, also with a non-slip base.

Unbreakable glassware

This melamine tableware for your boat can be combined with any of the Marine Business unbreakable glassware, but we especially like to combine it with the Blue line of unbreakable glasses and cups.

These synthetic glasses are made of the newest material on the market: ECOZEN.

Ecozen is the most expensive material because it is the one with the best properties: it is extremely hard, almost unbreakable, dishwasher safe and microwave safe. And the best thing: it looks like glass!

Inox Cutlery and accessories

And so that nothing is missing from your table on board, don’t forget the stainless steel cutlery with navy blue sailor stripes and the essential nautical accessories for your meal at sea: the space saver pot set, the bottle rack or the champagne cooler and the windproof ashtrays, also made of stainless steel. Make sure your table lacks nothing!