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The Marine Business Special Boats articles have been designed and manufactured for maximum comfort on board and when sailing. We have created innovative articles that provide solutions and make life on board even more pleasant and comfortable.

Special features

- Non-slip. Some of the main pieces in our tableware products have a non-slip ring on their base to prevent slipping while sailing or even when anchored. 

Our coffee sets have non-slip saucers: the saucer has a cavity so the cup sits inside and remains stable.
All mats - bath and deck- have a rubber base for extra safety.

- Unbreakable. Our tableware and glassware is made of top quality material that is highly shock-proof.

- Waterproof. MB offers a non-stain and waterproof line in different colours and textures.

- Space-saving. Our products always fit into the small spaces on boats. Stackable glasses, ice buckets, wine and champagne coolers with tabletop supports, self-containing kitchenware whose pieces are stored inside each other to make the most of the little storage space in the galley.

- Windproof. The wind sometimes makes it difficult to have things out on deck. We propose heavy unmovable ashtrays with an inside ash container. Stainless steel pegs for tablecloths, cushions with strings so they can be tied to the deck and many other solutions.

- Adjustable. Under sheets made from 96% cotton fit any bed, however unusual its shape, thanks to its bi-directional elasticity that ensures a snug fit, making sure beds have no uncomfortable and unsightly wrinkles.

- Drop-proof. A large number of MB nautical articles have special supports to reduce the risk of objects upturning or falling over on board.


Nautical designs

Marine Business articles have detailed nautical designs in a variety of colours in line with boat interior design trends. Around twenty different designs so that all sailors can find their own style.
We offer comprehensive collections, personalisation on each piece and a wide range of designs that can be matched up with each other.

Top quality material

Marine Business articles are made from special materials that are perfect for sailing, extremely hardwearing and top quality, in order to always meet customer expectations. Melamine, Tritan™, MS, stainless steel, anodised aluminium.