Tableware made with 100% BPA Free Melamine

Melamine is a synthetic compound, with which we manufacture our tableware, it is a very resistant and almost unbreakable material, so it is ideal for bumps or falls. At Marine Business we work with 100% BPA Free Melamine of the highest quality and durability, it is free of «Bisphenol A», it is safe and very suitable for outdoor use and of course for the nautical world, our tableware has been designed to be used in this environment. In addition to the characteristics mentioned above,  the dishes are light, easy to wash, suitable for the dishwasher and also, it is an ideal material for children to help with tasks without fear that the dishes will break.

At Marine Business we ensure that we offer 100% bpa Free melamine, with the longest durability on the market. In accordance with the strictest European health legislation, to ensure quality products that meet the needs of our customers.