For lovers of modern designs and square shapes, we have created the LOMBOK collection of melamine plates. Designed in total black and with white compass cards.

The Lombok nautical tableware consists of four melamine pieces: the dinner plate, the soup (or salad) bowl, the dessert plate and the mug. All pieces have a non-slip ring on the base, which makes them very useful for sailing and stowing in nautical cabinets.

This nautical tableware is made of high-quality, virtually unbreakable melamine. The melamine in our dishes is 100% pure. It passes all EU quality controls and is dishwasher safe.

We have also designed a practical on-board picnic bag for the Lombok line, designed for transporting melamine tableware, snacks, drinks, etc.

For boats that do not have a galley on board, the 24-piece pack is the best option, as the bag comes with all the crockery inside. It consists of 6 pieces of each (melamine dinner plate, melamine deep plate, melamine dessert plate and melamine mug).

As cutlery, we have designed a 24-piece cutlery set in stainless steel with a black ABS handle in the same design as the plates. This way you will have a coordinated table on board with a total black look.

To complete the non-slip melamine plates, you also have the black line of accessories from the Summer collection. Also made of unbreakable melamine, they are perfect if you want to complete your table. There are appetizer sets, bowls, salad bowls, etc. that match perfectly.

This melamine tableware for your boat matches any of the unbreakable glassware from Marine Business. If you have stowage space on your boat, a good option is to combine it with the line of unbreakable glasses and cups made of TRITAN with non-slip bases and dishwasher safe.

If you are short on space, then you can choose the Bahamas line of glasses and tumblers, which are stackable and smaller in size.

This glassware is made of Ecozen. Ecozen has the same characteristics as Tritan but is also recyclable and sun cream resistant.

Finally, if you want a more economical, drop-resistant but hand-washable option, opt for Hammered’s spectacularly designed glasses and tumblers, which will look great on board.

Any of the unbreakable glassware chosen is a good option for sailing and to avoid uncomfortable breakages on boats that can lead to accidents.

Don’t forget to add some of the accessories we suggest below, such as water bottles or jugs from the Bahamas line or the Sail singles in black or white. We like them both equally. They are waterproof, stain resistant and come with a nautical touch with a rope in the corner.