At Marine Business we offer high-quality materials, while always searching for the best results and opting for design and innovation.  

We are manufacturers of 100% melamine tableware and synthetic glassware.  But we also design and create textile items with exclusive designs

At Marine Business, we want you to be able to acquire all types of boat utensils, complete tableware sets,  decoration and furniture, high-quality fabrics, and unbreakable glassware from our online marine shop as well as other boat accessories. 

melamina 100%


At Marine Business we have the highest quality boat and nautical accessories with exclusive designs and the best quality textiles. Our products are designed for life on board. Visit our large range of designs and choose the style that you want for your boat.

All our range of boat and beach textiles pay attention to detail in order to offer designs that are elegant and which, at the same time, have a modern and innovative touch.  For our marine and boat textile collections, the sheets, quilts and indoor and outdoor cushions are hand-made using 100% cotton

We have a large variety of nautical rugs designed to provide an attention-grabbing welcome. They are essential for any home or boat. 

The towels are made of high grammage looped cotton and will stand up to washing for a long time, while always being soft and pleasant to touch.  

One of our star products are the elastic undersheets that adjust to any mattress (these practical sheets are made from 96% cotton and 4% elastane). 


Our tableware is manufactured from pure melamine. In this sense, one has to bear in mind that 100% melamine is not the same as a mixture with other materials, which spoil the quality.  

The processes followed in the manufacture of the melamine tableware are very different to those of stoneware, porcelain or ceramic tableware. For this reason, the irregularities in the design are the result of a very complex manufacturing process which is largely manual in nature. 

The melamine plates are suitable for dishwashers and are useful for daily life, whether on board, in the home or as tableware for the garden. However, one should always keep in mind that despite their high resistance to knocks, they are not indestructible and will need to be replaced in future years. 

Another difference from ceramic or porcelain tableware is that melamine does not chip, whereas if a ceramic plate is knocked, it may chip. The part of the plate that is chipped can store harmful bacteria and therefore they should always be removed from your kitchen. 

As good sailors, we at Marine Business we have created some melamine tableware collections with non-slip bases which contributes to on board safety. 

Choose our melamine cups for boats, gardens and terraces and enjoy an elegant and beautiful design with all our collections. 


In relation to the synthetic glassware, at Marine Business we offer different types of materials and price ranges, depending on the use that customers are going to make of them. 

We also have some lines with a non-slip base to provide grip to glasses on the table surface. 

We are proud of finally having found a new material for glassware that extends the durability and functionality of the product. Below, we provide you with a short summary of our innovative material: ECOZEN

  • Dishwasher and microwave resistant (washing in the top tray is recommended). 
  • It is as tough as Polycarbonate and stronger than Tritan™, although it feels softer than polycarbonate. 
  • It is totally resistant to stains from citrus drinks, sunblock creams and any other chemical product. 
  • It can be used with high alcohol content drinks and with hot or cold drinks. 
  • ECO Friendly: It is recyclable!
  • Free from BPA, phthalates and heavy metals.


The following chart reflects the characteristics of each material for the synthetic glassware and for melamine.