Foldable stool Ash - Blue, CALIDA

Foldable stool Ash - Blue, CALIDA

Taburete para barco o jardín

Ref. 61001AZ
  • 46x36x47cm
  • Ash wood

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The STOOL from the Calida COLLECTION stands out for being HAND MADE in an exhaustive manufacturing process. It is foldable so takes up very little space.

It is made of solid ash with an insulating treatment to make it resistant to heat and light and therefore prevent deformities. It has several layers of Teknos varnish so it is highly resistant to the open air and salt and, therefore, ideal for sailing.

The CALIDA tables and chairs are internationally renowned for their DURABILITY and QUALITY. After two years you only need to buy a replacement seat, if required. Available in ecru or navy blue. Furnish your boat for life with the nautical items in this high quality range.
Instrucciones de uso
Cleaning: Rinse the wood in fresh water. The metal parts may need separate treatment to get rid of the salt. This can be done with soapy water. Processes and treatments: Resin impregnated by immersion. Insulating treatment to prevent wood surface deforming or altering. 1 layer of varnish resistant to heat and light. Teck varnish (Tecknos, Finland). 1 sanding after the layer of varnish. 1 layer of Teck varnish applied with a spray.
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