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Last September, Marine Business presented its new catalogue for 2018-2019 season at Cannes International Boat Show and Genova International Boat Show.




The catalogue can be downloaded on our website or if you prefer, you can request a hard copy by sending us an email to







New Melamine Tableware "MISTRAL”


The new line of melamine tableware called MISTRAL shows a line of fresh and simple design for those who look for sober and classic style but at the same time with the nautical touch that distinguishes our designs.

It is 100% made of pure melamine, high quality, considerable weight and contains non-slip ring in the base of plates and cup which makes this line perfect for those sailing in Sailboats.

Additionally, this collection is completed with coffee mug and breakfast, tray, serving fountains and a set of aperitifs. It can be combined with any of our synthetic glassware from the PARTY line. Like all Marine Business collections, each item can be purchased separately or in a pack with the container basket.



WATERPROOF textile – Always Clean and Always Dry


Our Waterproof fabric provides unsurpassed onboard comfort: hydro-repellent

- 100% recyclable

- non-allergic

- and Sun-ray resistant!!!

With this fabric, we have made a large assortment of cushions for exterior or interior in different sizes and colors as well as tablecloths and individual mats.

The new colors are adapted to the new market demands, so we have introduced the grey pearl, Anthracite grey, beige, taupe and the Navy.

In addition, 40x40 cushions include a rope so that we can tie them to any part of the boat to prevent them from flying out.

Tablecloths are also available in 5 colours and 2 sizes, as well as individual tablecloths, perfect for those tables that are too small or for those looking for practicality.




PARTY – New Appetizer Trays.      party 

Cups and two handy cups have been added to the PARTY line.

On the one hand, we have the glass holder tray in acrylic that consists of six holes for glasses and three for appetizer bowls that are included with the tray. This item can be purchased with the glasses or without them. On the other hand, there is the support for champagne or wine glasses which includes a practical tray for snacks





Synthetic glassware - New models and materials


We have also introduced polycarbonate material of heavy weight and thickness, so now there are three materials to choose in transparent Glassware. Metalestireno, Polycarbonate or Tritan. In our catalogue, we widely explain in detail all the characteristics of each material to help the customer choose the one that best suits their needs.





SANTORINI – Bath and cabin textilessantorini


The great new textile for this year is the line for cabin and bath called SANTORINI.

For the bathroom, we offer 5 different designs of towels combined with 5 models of Non-slip Mats. Always manufactured with high quality Portuguese curl and grammage, these towels include the novelty of different textures of curl and nautical borders that give a style 100% Sailor.


For the cabin, we have designed sheets and duvets in dark blue and white in a sober and elegant way. Important to mention that each one can personalized according to customers requests.


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